What are the addresses PI or PA I can buy ?

PA addresses can buy only organization having the status of LIR. If you have not LIR status you can only buy a PI address. LIR can buy PI addresses and be sponsoring LIR for them.

How are the mutual payments made?

Mutual payments between the seller and the buyer are carried through our escrow agent, only through SWIFT bank transfer.

Do you work with Russia?

We are a company, which was registered in Russian Federation, but to our great regret, all the banks and the services that provide escrow service, refuse to customers from Russia, mentioning imposed economic sanctions. At the same time, escrow service was recently introduced in Russia and have not yet been sufficiently developed. All the banks, which we contacted, refused to work with such specific goods as IPv4 addresses.

Foreign banks, who agree to work with customers from Russia, are faced with the problem that the escrow agreements should be translated into Russian (otherwise such payments will not pass the monetary control in Russian banks), and by the internal rules of foreign banks such contracts may be only in English.

We have several options to address this situation, and hope that in the near future this problem will be resolved.

Can I buy a network located in SBL, DROP lists of spamhaus?

Such networks are sold at your own risk, and if the price for such lots is minimal, the risk is paid off. After changing the network owner and the superior service provider, there is a high likelihood that spamhaus will remove the network from its SBL or DROP lists.