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IPv4 and IPv6 space lease

Simple and fast IPV4 and IPv6 acquisition

Why choose us?

  • More than 17 thousand of IP addresses to lease for the moment

  • Total WHOIS management IPs

  • SWIP geo locations IPs

  • When ordering IPv4 lease the ASN registration – free

  • rDSN support free

  • BGP announce anywhere

IP lease

We lease IPv4 and IPv6 address space according to the RIPE NCC policies from our own PA ranges to our customers. The service is provided under the Agreement and includes the corresponding registration of the IP address space usage in RIPE NCC database for the whole period of service. The leasing costs include registration and maintenance of all the related RIPE NCC database objects, as well as IP address space management consulting. Registration of an Autonomous system (AS) in the IPv4 lease – free.

IPv4 pricing

  • /24 RIPE

    120 usd

  • /23 RIPE

    210 usd


IPv6 pricing. Fast allocate IPv6/48 - route, RKPI, LOA within one hour in any area RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, AFRINIC. Payment by Stripe.

  • /48 RIPE

    100 usd

  • more /48 RIPE

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Frequently asked questions

Terms of leasing IPs ?

Is it possible to use AFRINIC IP space in the RIPE service region ?

What is meant by the change of WHOIS information ?

What is meant by change of geo location ?


We sign a contract, payment by Bank transfer or paypal. We prohibit use of our IP addresses to send spam. We use a contract with unlimited prolongation.

Yes it is possible and not prohibited. This is described by rules RIPE link.

Changing the information in inetnum objects in the database RIPE NCC or AFRINIC, line: country, org, person. Creation of necessary objects: org and person.

Under the change of geolocation we understand the change of the data in three major services that are professionally engaged in the collection and updating of data to determine the location of data about IP addresses. It services www.maxmind.com, ip2location.com, ipinfodb.com, change the data in these services allows for 99% solve all issues with geolocation of IP addresses. The databases of these services are updated once a month, why the change of location takes two to four weeks from the date of filing. You also need to understand that there are thousands of whois sites that are self-collect location data and IP addresses use old and not relevant database, automatically change the data on the thousands of sites is impossible, but over time, location data, IP addresses are updated on all sites.



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